Breast really IS best: Mothers’ milk fills a child’s digestive system with essential ‘good’ bacteria

Cleanse your digestive system the easy way by eating kitchari

Number of children dying from heart defects has fallen by more than 80% in the last 30 years ‘A healthy community of bacteria in the gut of both mother and baby is really important for baby’s gut health and immune system development. ‘We’re not sure of the route the bacteria takes from gut to breast milk but, we have used culture, isolation, sequencing and fingerprinting methods to confirm that they are definitely the same strains.’ The findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Environmental Microbiology. DNA tests were carried out on the breast milk of seven healthy mothers and their exclusively breast-fed babies who were up to one month old. The scientists tested faecal samples to identify bacteria in the guts of both infants and their mothers. Breast beats the bottle again: Previous research has shown breast milk protects babies against stomach bugs, chest infections, asthma and allergies The researchers wrote: ‘This study shows that gut-associated anaerobes may be vertically transferred from mother to neonate (infant) via breastfeeding. ‘Our data supports the recently suggested hypothesis of a novel way of mother-neonate communication, in which maternal gut bacteria reach breast milk via an entero-mammary pathway to influence neonatal gut colonisation and maturation of the immune system.’ Japanese research published earlier this month found that breastfeeding can halve the risk of children being obese by the age of eight. The risk of children being overweight is also cut by around 15 per cent in those breastfed for six months, compared with those fed formula milk.
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Your Digestive System

This includes eliminatingcertain kinds of products from the diet. For example: GERD – eliminating or decreasing the amount of caffeine in the diet is helpful. Eating small frequent meals, not eating close to bedtime and avoiding alcohol at nightalso helps. Celiac disease -eliminating gluten is the treatment although regular check ups are crucial as well. Our digestive system has what is called theEnteric nervous system which consists ofmillionsof neurons and neural synapses just like our brain. It produces several neurotransmitters. GI system has been sometimes called the ‘second brain’.
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Good bacteria from the milk of breast-feeding mums can protect the digestive and immune system health of her baby, say scientists

4. Add the water and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes, uncovered, stirring occasionally. 5. Turn down the heat to low and cover, leaving the lid slightly ajar.
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