Snoring Is Called Potentially Serious Health Risk

It also found that male habitual snorers had significantly more angina pectoris, or heart pains, than nonsnorers, and that this was unrelated to whether the men were obese or had high blood pressure. The study said it was ”an open question” exactly how snoring was related to high blood pressure or angina. Periods of Total Blockage Many experts view obstructive sleep apnea as the most extreme form of snoring and its most dangerous health problem. In most snoring, the airway is only partially blocked; but in apnea the airway is totally blocked. The victims typically snore loudly for a while, then become silent while they struggle unsuccessfully to breathe.
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Killer gang member starts SNORING as he is executed in Texas prison

Executed: Robert Gene Garza, 30, was killed by lethal injection on Thursday after being sentenced to death row for organizing the killing of four women in 2002

and they needed somebody.’ Evidence later would show the women were killed by mistake. The gang member in the other crime never went to trial because he accepted a plea deal and prison term. Garza, who was arrested in late January 2003, was convicted under Texas’ law of parties, which makes a non-triggerman equally culpable. Evidence showed Garza was a gang leader, told his companions how to do the killings, was present when the shootings took place and ‘in all likelihood was a shooter but is downplaying his part,’ Joseph Orendain, the Hidalgo County assistant district attorney who prosecuted him, said this week. In February, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review his case.
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Snoring may Make People Less Attractive

Medical Advances, Better Treatment And New Drugs Help An Average American To Live 3.8 Years Longer

The researchers made use of a sensitive ‘face mapping technique’ and also asked the panel to rate the changes in the patients who went through a new treatment known as CPAP for their problem. The researchers found that while people with snoring problem were rated to be ugly before the treatment, they appeared more attractive after being treated for apnoea and were also found to have fewer wrinkles following the treatment. “The common lore, that people ‘look sleepy’ because they are sleepy, and that they have puffy eyes with dark circles under them, drives people to spend untold dollars on home remedies. We perceived that our CPAP patients often looked better, or reported that they’d been told they looked better, after treatment.
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