B Vitamins For Stroke, Energy, And More

My biochemistry professor puts it a little more bluntly : when you take a B vitamin supplement, youre just making expensive urine. That said, there are two specific Bs that warrant special attention, since deficiencies are more common in certain populations and can cause serious health problems: The CDC recommends that all women of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid (from supplements or fortified foods like breakfast cereal) because folic acid deficiency during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects of the brain and spinal cord, including spina bifida. Older adults are at higher risk for vitamin B12 deficiency. As many as 30 percent of older adults dont make enough stomach acid to effectively absorb the vitamin B12 naturally found in foods , and therefore may not meet their requirement for this vitamin. However, these individuals are still able to absorb the synthetic form of vitamin B12 found in fortified foods and supplements.
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Why Every Mother Should Take Prenatal Vitamins

But do doctors recommend that their patients use these products? I dont consider them any different from calcium pills or liquids, says Dr. Nelson Watts, director of Mercy Health Osteoporosis and Bone Health and Osteoporosis Center, in Ohio. Traditional calcium pills can be large and difficult to swallow. The chewable ones tend to be quite chalky. If these features prevent some people from taking recommended supplements, the chewy candy-like forms may be preferable, says Watts, but hes concerned with the potential of overuse. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to get calcium and the right amount, he explains.
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Medicine Or Treats? Gummy Vitamins And Chocolate Calcium Chews Blur The Line

Prenatal vitamins aid in supplying the mother and child the necessary nutrients they may not adequately get from normal foods. Taking prenatal vitamins is surely the safest and smartest way to bridge any nutritional gaps the mother may face on a normal healthy diet. The nutrients that are present in the multivitamins provide the supplements that the unborn child needs, and will certainly go a long way in ensuring the proper growth and development of the baby. Lack of proper nutrition during the pregnancy period has been shown to bring problems to both the mother and child, especially in the form of birth defects to the child, and health issues for the mother. Food is essential for daily energy to perform tasks, and where a mother lacks the necessary energy, life becomes hard.
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