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People should drink a lot of water because water breaks down foods in the stomach, prevents constipation, and supports the digestive system. Besides, the writer indicates that people should quit some bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, eating fatty foods regularly, and smoking. In the second part of the article, instead of providing some healthy foods to eat , the author discourages people from eating 7 ingredients. Firstly, the writer indicates that people should not eat fried and high-fat foods because both of them can overwhelm the stomach and lead to heartburn and acid reflux.
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Human Digestive System Functions

Self assessments and peer assessments allow students to examine how well they did both to their own standards and by evaluating each other’s work. Analytical rubrics provide more detail than a grade alone and allow for assessment not only of their anatomy knowledge but also creativity, drawing skills, and attention to detail. Another part to the assessment is a display, not on the bulletin board but with living models. Encourage students to all wear their digestive system tee shirt to school on the same day. This active modeling is a fun way to share their project with the school and demonstrate their understanding of the digestive system.
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Digestive System Tee Shirt Science Activity

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Ask the doctor: digestive system

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Finally, the lining of the small intestine is very convoluted and has a large surface area, making it ideal for absorption functions. Time Frame Individuals vary somewhat in the amount of time it takes their digestive tracts to complete work on a particular mealthe meal in question also plays a role in determining how long it spends in the digestive system. Generally, however, food material passes from the stomach into the intestine in small amounts within a few hours of ingestion, explains Sherwood. A considerable time later12 or more hoursit passes into the large intestine and is eventually excreted. Most individuals pass the remains of a meal within about 24 hours of consumption.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.livestrong.com/article/175155-human-digestive-system-functions/

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